TV Lift

Ergomotion® is an Australian manufacturer of high quality TV Lifts which enable TVs to “pop up” or “pop down” into and out of a cabinet or wall unit. TV Lifts can be added to a custom made piece of furniture to electronically lift and lower the TV to create additional space, protect your TV from damage or to hide it away from sight in a holiday home.

It is important when considering which TV Lift to purchase that it meets your technical requirements and is of a high build quality to ensure it safely raises and lowers your TV. Ergomotion’s Motiontv® range of TV lifts can lift any flat screen TV in today’s market, from smaller TVs weighting 45kg right the way through to large TVs weighing 100kg. All of Ergomotion's TV Lifts come with an IR remote control as standard.

TV Lift Mechanism and Motorised TV Lift

Ergomotion® has a range of single and double post TV Lift mechanisms, all Australian manufactured and backed by an Australian warranty. The single post Motionpc®  motorised TV Lift is a single post design for smaller TVs and PC screens. The Motiontv® range of motorised TV lifts are designed for larger TVs and are a double post design for extra stability. Ergomotion's TV Lift mechanisms have the added benefit of standby power mode with zero power consumption to save electricity.

NOTE: Ergomotion® do not manufacture TV cabinets, just the TV Lift mechanisms. Ergomotion has a range of custom furniture maker contacts that use Ergomotion's motorised TV Lifts within their furniture manufacturing process.

Select above from our range of Motiontv® TV Lift mechanisms or contact us to find out more.

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