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Trademark Registration

Monday, May 16, 2016

Ergomotion® is proud and excited to announce the trademark registration of our company name and most popular products. Our company name and products have become well known and synonymous with exceptional products and service within our marketplace. We have now registered our company name and these products as a trademark to protect and differentiate them from other companies and products on the market.   ...Read more

A guide to choosing your projector lift

Monday, July 14, 2014

How many types of business meetings can you think of in 30 seconds? Go!

We came up with: slideshow presentations, video conferences, brainstorming sessions, job interviews, board meetings, pitch sessions, damage control meetings, movie presentations, and client workshops.

They’re just a handful of all the types of business meetings happening every second all over the world.

Think of all the boardrooms and conference rooms who have different groups passing through them and holding various types of meetings every day. Now think about all the different equipment each specific meeting does and doesn’t need. The degree at which meeting settings and requirements change means maybe businesses have the one room that needs to adapt to many different purposes.
projector lift
One aspect of those rooms are projectors. You don’t need them all the time (but you will for that big slideshow presentation next week!), so a projector lift is an ideal mechanisms that can help protect a projector as well as clear space from wires and cables on a conference room table.

Think of all the ways you can rearrange furniture in a room to adapt to a range of settings.

  ...Read more

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