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Ergomotion's popular Motionlift motorised projector lift updated

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ergomotion has recently made some alterations to their Motionlift™ motorised projector lift to enhance their existing design.


Adjustments made to motionlift motorised projector lifts include:


  • The cable to operate the up/down movement of the projector lift has been replaced with canvas straps, offering more stability for the projector lift.
  • The universal projector mounting bracket is now encased within the top plate of the lift, reducing the total height of the motorised projection lift.
  • An extra IR remote eye is included in the ceiling plate to pick up the signal from the IR remote transmitter.
  • An additional micro-switch in the ceiling plate (activated with a small pin), to enable the user to lower the motorised projector lift in case the batteries in the remote go flat or the remote is misplaced.



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