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Ergomotion Featured in National Magazine

Monday, September 03, 2012

One of Ergomotion’s height-adjustable desks features prominently in an article in the September 2012 issue of Australian health and fitness magazine Men’s Fitness. The article, “Stand and Deliver,” highlights ways in which office workers can combat the hazards of sedentary work routines.


The article examines height-adjustable desks as a remedy for back pain caused by working in an environment which requires workers to remain seated for prolonged periods. It includes a review of Ergomotion’s Motiondesk2-DL11 electric-height adjustable desk by a Men’s Fitness writer. The Motiondesk2 , which can be personalised to each individual’s standing and sitting heights, earned high praise. The writer noted that he experienced reduced back and neck discomfort within two weeks of switching to the desk and deemed the Motiondesk2 “the best work tool {he has} ever used.”


The article further explores the link between back pain, injuries and prolonged periods of sitting amongst Australia’s workforce and cites notable Australian and North American medical sources that detail significant health benefits of adding periods of standing to a typical workday. These health benefits include increased metabolic rate and longer expected lifespans.


Click here to read the Men's Health Article

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