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Electric height adjustable desks supplied to Ambulance NSW by Ergomotion

Monday, August 02, 2010

Ergomotion recently supplied and installed eleven Motiondesk™ electric height adjustable desks in the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) Training Room of the Ambulance Service of NSW (ASNSW).


This fit out is for a second training room that prepares trainee Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD's) in the use of the systems they will use in the live environment. The ASNSW has used the electrically operated height adjustable desks in an attempt to accommodate the different ergonomic needs (heights, builds and postures) of the trainees.


The electric height adjustable desks are particularly useful for those that are shorter and taller than average. Standard desks are not easy to modify to suit the individual user especially if different people regularly need to use the workstation. The motiondesk height adjustable desk caters for these variations and offers the user quick and easy adjustment to suit themselves and their specific needs.



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