Projector lifts are an ideal way to conceal projectors when they are not in use or move them and the wires from the conference room table. Projector Lifts are not just for the office though with a variety of uses in the boardroom, home, boats and conference centres. Projector Lifts can be added to your home in a wall or ceiling cavity to conceal away the projector in your TV or home theatre room when not in use.

Ergomotion has 10 models of Motionlift™ projector lifts to suit most sizes of projectors on the market from 12kg up to 50kg. The projector lifts come complete with all accessories required for installation, including IR remote control, up/down wall panel, universal projector mount and ceiling closure plate.

Some of Our Clients

  • Human Services
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  • RCH
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  • Ambulance
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