Motiontv®-DL442 TV lift (up to 49" TV)

Motiontv®-DL442 is an electric TV lift pop up mechanism developed for lifting Plasma and LCD TV's up to 49" or 650mm in height out of cabinets and wall units.

  • Simple but durable electric mechanism
  • 675mm of adjustment with 570mm installation (mechanism only)
  • Adjustable from 26” to 49”
  • Optional remote operation feature
  • Quick and quiet operation
  • Lifting capacity up to 140kgs
  • Ease of design in to custom furniture
  • Multiple environments and uses
  • Will fit in to most cabinet designs
  • Hide the TV
  • Protect the TV from scratches and breakages
  • Protect the TV against theft
  • Conserve space in small areas
  • Compliments technology used in new slim line TV's

Some of Our Clients

  • Human Services
  • Anz
  • RCH
  • Health
  • Ambulance
  • Breastscreen
  • health