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motionpc® TV Lift

Ergomotion® recently supplied one of our customers with the motionpc® pop up TV lift for a small space within a kitchen counter. As can be seen from the video the solution looks great and the customer is very happy with the outcome.

Barossa Valley Glass House

Motionpc™ TV lift

Ergomotion recently presented to the audience of Lifestyle Channels Grand Design program their TV Lift. It was supplied to a spectacular home in the Barossa Valley, now known to its viewers as the ‘Barossa Valley Glass House.’

The TV Lift is mounted in the sunset lounge area of the house, thus ensuring the picturesque view of the Barossa Valley is totally uninterrupted. Its narrow design and fitting is invisible to guests of the house and allows for maximum space and viewing.

The TV lift lowers the screen when not in use to maximize social interaction in the lounge area of the house. See more information on the LifeStyle Channel feature and the Barossa Valley Glass house supplier list.

Acorn Kitchens and Cabinetry-NSW

Motionpc™ TV lift Motionpc™ TV lift

The TV lift has been designed for the preparation area of any kitchen, where a cabinet is lowered from above with all utensils /spices/cooking oils etc, placing them right at your finger tips.

From a safety point of view it houses all your knives which can be lifted and put out the way when not needed.

The front part of the cabinet can also be used for your glass ware, which is behind frosted glass doors.

There are many other applications where the TV lift can be used e.g. bar areas, LCD, plasma panels for entertainment while working in your kitchen.

Australian Defence Force-National

Motionpc™ TV lift Motiontv™ TV lifts

Ergomotion and Wise Designs have supplied the Motionpc™ TV lift in furniture to the Australian Defence Force to incorporate in to a boardroom table application.

These rooms are used by work groups that form rapidly, and within a few hours come up with solutions to problems and emergencies.
The Motionpc™ TV lift is used to raise and lower the computer monitor out of the boardroom table, so that the specialists can have electronic access to important information in meetings and through the tablet screen can monitor and communicate with colleagues in the room or anywhere in the world.

The Motionpc™ TV lift can be lowered back into the boardroom table to provide unimpeded face to face communication between the group participants when the computers are not needed.

Rampant Marine-QLD

Motiontv™ TV lifts Motiontv™ TV lifts Motiontv™ TV lifts

Ergomotion has supplied one of its Motiontv™ TV lifts to Rampant Marine Electronics for a refurbishment of a boat. Rampant Marine Electronics sells, installs and services marine electronic equipment.

The TV was mounted between the posts of the Motiontv™ TV lift giving a very narrow cavity of about 150mm. The narrow fit of the Motiontv™ TV lift allowed it to be fitted behind a bench seat, thereby maximising space within the cabin.

When the TV is not in use it is lowered within a cavity behind the seat protecting it from any damage or theft and giving the user a full view of the sea though the window. The Motiontv™ TV lift is an ideal solution for a boat or other small environments where space optimisation is critical, while still being able to enjoy everyday luxuries.

HIA Home Show-NSW

Motionpc™ TV lift

Ergomotion has supplied one of its Motionpc™ TV lifts to 'Kids in Designed Spaces' who had an exhibit within the 'Home Beautiful Designer Room Series' at the Sydney HIA Home Show 2008.

The Motionpc™ TV lift was fitted in to a home office desk where the kids could watch TV while the parent was at work.

The Motionpc™ TV lift could be lowered in to the desk when not in use. The concept was to create a Home Office/Kids Play Area: Using the play pen concept in reverse Kids in Designed Spaces have designed a room where the working from home parent can interact with their small child and still work with less disruption.

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