Interactive Interiors

Ergomotion has supplied Interactive Interiors with their motiondesk™ electric height adjustable sit to stand desk frames to incorporate in to a multi-touch table for The Brisbane City Council. An initial table was supplied and had such a positive response that an additional 2 tables were ordered and subsequently supplied. These touch tables were supplied to 3 of their libraries and include a range of games and applications suitable for use by children through to young adults. The 1800x900mm iPhone styled table is made up of a custom 65" multi-touch display in a custom fabricated housing and placed on top of Ergomotion's double motiondesk™ electric height adjustable electric desk frame. The screen has a customised software suite on it by Interactive Interiors. This allows true multi-user interaction with the various games and apps on the table's surface. Being electrically height adjustable it allows for the touch table to be easily adjusted to sitting, standing and wheelchair accessibility heights.


Some of Our Clients

  • Human Services
  • Anz
  • RCH
  • Health
  • Ambulance
  • Breastscreen
  • health