Motiondesk® - Australian Made Electric Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desks or Standing Desks


Electric height adjustable desks (Motiondesk®1, 2 & 3) are Australian made electric height adjustable sit stand desks that allow the user to easily, effortlessly, quietly and quickly adjust the desk from sitting to standing. The height adjustable desk is also known as a Sit Stand Desk or Standing Desk.

Electric height adjustable sit stand desks reduce the risk of OHS issues commonly caused by our sedentary working habits where we sit at our desks for hours on end.  An electric height adjustable standing desk is ideal in hot desking environments, where multiple users use the same desk on different days and require individual height settings. The ergonomic electric height adjustable sit stand desks can be height adjusted in seconds from sit to stand using an ultra quiet energy efficient motor, which includes a standby mode with zero power consumption to reduce its impact on the environment and reduce your electricity bill. The electric motors used for all Ergomotion's ergonomic height adjustable desks are European designed and built to extremely high specifications and standards and are the most robust and reliable product on the market.

Sit Stand Desk or Standing Desk

Most of our day is spent sitting, whether it is during travelling to and from work, eating meals or watching TV. For most office workers this is on top of the 7 hours they spend sitting in the office. This is a huge percentage of the day that is spent sitting.

It's no wonder then that sit-stand desks, or standing desks as they are commonly known, are becoming popular in Australia, which is following the rest of the world. The health and productivity benefits of electric height adjustable sit stand desks are clear. Better circulation and cardiovascular health, less stress on your back and joints, less muscular tension. In fact, the evidence is so compelling that adjustable work spaces have been required as part of EU legislation EN 527-1 for over a decade.

  • Sit and Stand and work with ease
  • Reduce OHS risks
  • Increase productivity with increased comfort levels.

Ergomotion's range of premium electric height adjustable desks can be configured for many uses and to fit any environment. Providing high quality ergonomic office furniture to staff is now affordable and becoming ever more important to reduce work related injuries and create a safer work environment for all employees. Employees who feel comfortable in their work environment have been shown to be more productive. The Motiondesk®'s-DL14 is the only electric height adjustable desks on the market that have a minimum desk height of 580mm while still offering an adjustment of 660mm (580-1240mm from the floor). This minimum height and large adjustment range exceeds the requirements set down in the Australian Standards for height adjustable desks.

All of Ergomotion's electric height adjustable desks are Australian made and assembled. The electric desk is offered in both a completed unit to be sold to end users as well as the sub-frame only to joiners and manufacturers to custom fit to existing desk tops. All height adjustable desks have the option to be packaged with a CPU holder and cable management tray to keep all cables neat and tidy and off the floor, as well as an Anti-Collision Dongle to minimize the risk of collision between the desk and surrounding objects.

Height Adjustable Desks

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