Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergomotion provides ergonomic chairs for offices, conference rooms, restaurants and other hospitality industries. Ergonomic chairs can help to reduce injuries like wrist, shoulder and neck strains, and also protect and support the back.

Adjustable, ergonomic chairs in the office ensure your employers can modify settings like height and angle to their specific requirements.

Comfort and support is extended beyond the office though, with ergonomic seating for a wide range of sectors, like hotels, indoor and outdoor restaurants and waiting rooms. Offer ergonomic chairs to your guests, visitors, tourists, and customers, too, with high quality, Australian made furniture from Ergomotion.

Office Chairs Melbourne

We provide a range of office chairs in Melbourne. Our range of office seating can boost productivity and at the same time reduce the risks of injuries. We can gladly assist you with a solution to suit your needs.

Some office chairs have more ergonomic functions than others, some chairs have fabric, leather or mesh, and may be available to suit different body weights and shapes and personal preferences. There is no one office chair that will suit everyone.

Some of Our Clients

  • Human Services
  • Anz
  • RCH
  • Health
  • Ambulance
  • Breastscreen
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