Below are links to interviews done on ABC on benefits to moving during the day.

Below are links to more studies about the health hazards of sitting for too long.

Research shows desk jobs raise cancer risk (The Age May 2011)

Desk jobs a killer: study (The Age September 2011)

Sitting can lead to an early death: study (The Age March 2012)

Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute researchers find a break from sitting helps beat diabetes (The Daily Telegraph February 2012)

Studies and Research Projects and articles

An article on a "Alarming reasons to get off your backside" the effects of sedentary behavior. (The Age August 2011)

An article on a "world first" study in Australia on the effects of sedentary behavior in the office. (Herald Sun July 2011)

Are Poor Workspace Ergonomics Causing Radiologists Pain (Science Daily May 2010)

Research Into The Sedentary Behavior Of Australia's Working Population (Study presented at the HPM Congress in Melbourne August 2009)
PDF Download of paper

Only a third of Australians are meeting the recommended 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week (Herald Sun August 2009)

Sitting May Increase Risk Of Disease (Science Daily November 2007)

The Benefits of Sitting to Standing at Work-Paper presented by Mark Dohrmann at the National Conference of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia (Adelaide, November 2008)
PDF download of paper

Cornell University Study of Electric Height Adjustable desks

A New Way to Control Weight? (ABC News Nov 2007)

Ergonomics and Furniture

AFRDI- Australian Furniture Research and Development Institute (Furniture Testing and Accreditation)

CFIAA- Commercial Furniture Industry Association of Australia

FIAA- Furniture Industry Association of Australia

OT Australia- Australian Association of Occupational Therapists

HFESA- Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia

APA- Australian Physiotherapy Association

Office Ergonomics- Know the basic tips about Office Ergonomics, Workstation Ergonomics, Ergonomic PC, Laptop Ergonomics, Ergonomic chair

QLD Industrial Relations

QLD Guideline to the Health & Safety in the Call Centre Industry
PDF download of paper



Health and Wellbeing

Amplicity- Organizational Health and Individual Wellbeing

Benefits of a TV lift

One of the benefits of a TV lift is that it can reduce and may even eliminate the risk of the TV being pulled over. When raised the TV cannot be pulled over as it is fastened to the TV lift and when down it is within the cabinet and out of sight. The injuries from this accident are increasing every year as TV's become lighter, bigger and thinner. This was highlighted in an article by the Herald Sun in Melbourne. See below.

Herald Sun (Melbourne 31/10/2009) - VICTORIANS' obsession with big-screen TVs is landing them and their children in hospital, with more than 100 people a year now crushed by their falling televisions......

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